Our Solutions in CSR communication

ACT & BRIDGE it’s a core-competency: Corporate Social Responsibility communication.

In Europe and Africa, we assist businesses and organizations in promoting their CSR values and commitments.

We also provide with assistance in your CSR policy definition.

Make an appointment without further delay in “Why not?“.

Objective: Reach out your internal and external audience!

We reach out your internal audience:

  • to communicate on your CSR rolled out by implementing reporting and KPIs.
  • to improve employees commitment, federate and motivate, and increase productivity (performance, innovation).

We reach out your external audience:

  • to enhance your brand image towards your different audience.
  • to address high-standard expectations of international organizations.


To answer your needs, we proceed with a 4-step methodology.

  • Identify: What is the « big picture » of the company?

    • CSR and/or global communication audit
  • Bring awareness: Which strategy alongside which action plan?

    • Defining vision and prioritizing
    • Setting up an action plan of CSR communication (roadmap)
    • Branding development (Employer brand, brand image)
  • Federate: How to mobilize and increase brand loyalty?

    • Stakeholders targeting (employees, consumers, suppliers, investors, media, mainstream audience, NGO…)
    • Development of internal and external communication strategies
    • Rolling out of the communication action plan
  • Measure & Analyze: What goals? What results? What takeaways?

    • Defining objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Reporting
    • Results and recommendations
    • Monitoring actions on each stakeholder segment