Our Solutions

ACT & BRIDGE it’s 1 core-competency: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication.

We provide offers in terms of CSR communication plan.

The agency also brings a wider range of solutions in terms of advice and assistance. Make an appointment without further delay in “Why not?“.

Objective: Reach out your audience!

We identify the potential growth opportunities and roll out actions enabling to better reach out your audience.

How so?

By helping in Corporate Social Responsibility policy

You may wonder what is Corporate Social Responsibility? It’s all the best practices you do in order to promote sustainable development. Is your company environment-friendly? Does it have a positive impact on communities is part of? Does it undertake concrete actions in favor of an inclusive and sustainable economic growth? Not yet!

ACT & BRIDGE helps you to identify relevant performance indicators to make your Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

  • Actions plan

    To define priorities and to set up an actions plan.

  • Image & Responsibility

    To identify CSR matters to enhance your brand image.

  • Highlighting CSR policy

    We believe having the right words, the right posture, the right responses, are key to send the desired message to the media.

With Corporate Social Responsibility communication solutions

ACT & BRIDGE is willing to help companies in the promotion of their values and Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. The agency delivers services to companies concerned about their positive impact on communities and eager to increase engagement and loyalty from their different stakeholders.

We do all of these with a Lifestyle added value.

With 360°solutions

  • Market Study

    Intuition is important but having the information to confirm it is even more important. This step serves to collect and analyze information pertinent to your target market providing you with the understanding and tools to move forward. It also helps to assess the potential of your product or service.

  • Development Strategy

    Starting a challenge without a strategy? It’s like putting together new furniture without the instructions. Understanding the development of a strategy is important to ensure your success.

  • Communication and Marketing audit

    We propose to take a look at your current business situation to help you know where you stand.

  • Media Training

    We believe having the right words, the right posture, the right responses, are key to send the desired message to the media.

  • Training

    Lack of knowledge benefits no one! That is why we are developing training modules for companies to ensure transfer of skills. For more information visit our “Why not?” section.

ACT & BRIDGE is also in ACTion and not just in consulting. We handle the operational part as well.

  • Brand Content

    We define your visual identity, identity guidelines, corporate message and story telling content.

  • Communication Support

    We manage the design of communication tools (paper, photo banks, video, content writing).

  • Public Relations/Media Relations

    We promote the company, project, or product with the media (press, influencers, bloggers) in the professional sector. We also create original press kits and press releases.

  • Events

    We organize your events, all or in part, according to your needs.


The service delivered could be:
A specific need, a specific response!
Long Term
Because we believe that sustainable development requires a long-term collaboration.

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